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Any pick-up (P/U) entered after 2:30 PM local time should be called into the carrier to insure availability, otherwise the request will roll over to the next dayLift Gate P/Us must be called into the carriers because Lift Gates are not readily available at every terminalAll Container Freight Stations and Airline P/Us require Delivery Order and Entry paperwork (3416 document), these need to be sent 24 hours in advance because drivers will need these documents in hand prior to P/UP/Us are not GuaranteedAll carriers require a 2 hour window for P/UsP/Us are done in the afternoon because drivers have to deliver freight before they can start pickups If your shipper needs an AM P/U it is best practice to call the carrier to set something up which will most likely incur additional chargesThe shipper must have our system generated BOL to provide to the driver at the time of P/U or our rates will not apply This is not something the carrier will have via our P/U requests in BTMSIf an LTL driver needs to reference a P/U number, it is best practice to put that number on the first line of the shipper name. Please see the example below: