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There are many ways to become a better salesperson, and one of the most successful is to continuously research and work to enhance your skills in small ways. Taking the time each and every day to actively work towards improving yourself and your sales skills, is the best way to increase your level of success in sales. To that end, below are some quick tips and tidbits that you can almost immediately apply to your selling techniques or mindset.

Be consistent and communicative – don’t leave prospects hanging and waiting to hear from youBe enthusiastic. Have a sense of urgency in the way you treat your job and your life. Find ways to bring excitement and enthusiasm to every sale. Richard Branson says, “Boring your customer is worse than pissing them off.” It is incredibly powerful if you can be enthusiastic and happy in spite of your situation or others around you who may be less so. With customers, be a chameleon. Adapt to their needs rather than expecting them to adapt to you. Be a good listener. Sometimes a customer has had a bad day and just needs to talk about it – let them. Some people want