Last week we mentioned 5 of our top 9 closing techniques you should try on your next sales calls. This week we’re addressing 4 more methods for confirming sales.

6.The “Testimonial” Close

To build credibility and reassure the prospect that they’re making a wise decision, tell them about success others have had in working with you.

7.The “All That” Close

To use the “all that” close, simply reiterate the client’s needs and wants, and how your service satisfies them: “From what you’ve told me, you want this and you need this, we can do all that.”

8.The “Ben Franklin” Close

Since we can’t offer perfect service all the time, it’s often difficult to overcome every one of the buyer’s objections. When an unanswered objection stands between you and a sale, make a list of benefits versus objections (just be sure that the benefits far outweigh the objections), and present them to your buyer and say, “As you can see, the reasons for buying far outnumber the reasons against.”

9.The “Reverse” Close

The reverse close turns the prospects’ reasons why they shouldn’t buy into reasons why they should buy. When your prospect voices an objection, think of a benefit to that

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