If it weren’t for objections, everyone would be in sales. While none of us like objections, we must accept them as part of the business and learn how to overcome them.

Your main goal when faced with an objection is to turn the objection around into a reason to purchase our service. If a prospect raises the ever-popular “the price is too high” objection, counter it by saying “Our prices accurately reflect the value of our services. And good value is important to you, isn’t it?”

Occasionally you’ll run into a prospect in the traffic or purchasing department who is sure they’ve seen everything there is to see. Generally, all this person really wants is attention, and to show you how much they know about your industry. Recognize their expertise and give them all the attention they crave. This is always a better way to handle a tough customer than putting them down.

When possible, let prospects answer their own objections. Sometimes you can stop an objection in its tracks by asking, “Could you tell me why you feel that way?” If the prospect can’t answer, then you and the prospect know the objection has little or no validity. If

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