High achievers embrace new experiences more eagerly than average achievers, they leave their comfort zones more willingly, and as a result, become more familiar with the process of growing than others do. They also view the anxiety or pain involved in new challenges as a small price to pay compared to the new levels of success they enjoy in return. High achiever thinking can be learned; however, the process takes time, patience, skillful mentoring, and persistence. Below are some of our suggestions for becoming a “high achiever” in sales.

1.Find role models or mentors to help you grow. There are many more people in high places willing to give advice than there are people actively seeking advice from them. You can find a role model n those you already know or use it as an opportunity to expand your network.

2.Don’t “should” yourself. To practice a new way of thinking, begin by practicing a new way of talking to yourself that puts your thoughts in a psychologically helpful perspective. Don’t personalize or internalize a negative situation by saying that you “should” be doing better, focus instead on what you “could” be doing.

3.Increase your mental “navigation” skills. Begin imagining new

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