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Email may be a hard way to sell – but it is worth a little extra time to send stronger sales emails. Of course, email should never be your primary method of contact with a prospect unless you’ve already spoken with them. It is hard to get prospects to open and respond to emails, so we have some tips for improving your sales emails.

The perfect time to deploy a sales email is after a call, as a follow up – with a call to action. If you’ve finished a phone call with a prospect, a follow up email is the perfect place to reiterate the key points of your discussion with them and to offer additional information that may be valuable to them. The email should also include some sort of planning for future conversations, or a call to action, otherwise prospects will question why you’ve sent it, and may begin to feel you are wasting their time. Craft the perfect subject line. Keep subject lines short and sweet – increasing numbers of emails are opened on smartphones, and they have a limited number of words shown in subject lines. Make sure it is clear what you are