BCB Fleet Agent Program

Learn how BCB can improve your bottom line.
At BCB, we have an outstanding Fleet Agent program opportunity and we would like the opportunity to connect you with our Vice President of Capacity on how partnering with our company might improve your bottom line in the following areas:


We offer the following:

  • Improve your net revenue and have access to pick high demand freight within our network.
  • Stop or minimize the loss of revenue to factoring companies.
  • Lower expenses and save thousands of dollars on each truck annually.
  • Develop consistent lanes and revenue for your business with our Mcleod operational software.
  • Business training that makes it simple to manage your business.
  • Save administrative time running your business.
  • Receive significant fuel discounts.
  • Receive Safety and ELD support.
  • Receive very low insurance rates – Save thousands of dollars per year for each truck on preferred insurance rates. Our DOT accident rate is less than one accident per million miles.
  • Lower driver turnover.
  • We help you grow your business.


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At BCB, we believe open communication between departments is crucial for the success of the entire company. In order to take good care of our fleet agents and drivers, we teach our brokerage department to target the lanes we’re best at. This strategy allows for our dispatch and trucking teams to work cohesively together instead of treating each other as competition.