BCB Mileage Owner Operator Package

Owner Operator Jobs

SOLO Rate Per Mile

  • 1.15 Per Mile Loaded / Empty-Plus FSC
  • 1.15 Per Mile Loaded /Empty

Team Rate Per Mile

  • 1.30 Per Mile Loaded Empty Plus-FSC
  • 1.30 Per Mile Loaded / Empty

Fleet Owner Rate Per Mile (3) Truck Minimum

  • 1.20 Per Mile Loaded / Empty-Plus FSC
  • 1.20 Per Mile Loaded /Empty

Note: The FSC is adjusted weekly on Wednesday and is based on the DOE average announced each Monday.


  • Additional Stop Pay
  • Layover / Detention

Other benefits Include:

  • Paid Orientation
  • Paid Base Plate Program
  • Paid Permits
  • Big Fuel Discounts
  • Paid Fuel Taxes – Mileage Contract Only
  • Pre- Pass / EZ- Pass Transponder Provided
  • Paid Scales – with receipts
  • Paid Communication Fees
  • Low Cost Insurance Coverage
  • $500 Referral Bonus
  • Clean Inspection Bonus
  • 100% No Touch Freight
  • No Hazmat Required
  • Maintenance Account
  • Medical Insurance
  • Paid Orientation $100 per day
  • Financial Lanes Business Class
  • $1500 Escrow- Lump sum deposit or $100 per week


Take advantage of our low insurance rates, with perks and put more money in your pocket

Insurance Details:

  • Physical Damage- $1000 Deductible with an annual of 3% per $1000 of truck value for $80,000 and above. Less than $80,000 is 5% per $1000 of truck value.
  • Other Physical Damage benefits include: Gap Ins up to $20,000, Towing up to $20,000, Downtime Rental Reimbursement up to $5000 at $150 per day, Personal Belongings up to $5000 with a $250 deductible, (4) years of claim free driving, Electronic equipment including communication / ELD device up to $5000 with a $250 deductible and Tarp Chains and Binders up to $ 500 with a $100 deductible.

Note: to determine actual weekly amount for coverage; go to your Trip Revenue Workbook and enter the truck value in the special Physical Damage Calculator.

  • Non- Trucking Liability –  $8.30 Per Week with a $1,000,000 Combined Single Limit with $0.00 Deductible.
  • Work injury Coverage – $28.15 per week with a combined single limit of $1,000,000. Disability benefit is $200 minimum up to $700. This policy covers both occupational and non- occupational benefits. Drivers over age 70 must provide a long form DOT Physical and MVR yearly to be approved for Occupational Accident Coverage.
  • Rider Policy-  Only $1.85 per week; after 30 days contracted to the company. This policy comes with a $0.00deductible and a combined single limit of $200,000. The passenger must be 11 years or older to ride in the vehicle.
  • Owner Operator who wish to use their own Phys Dam, Non- Trucking and Occupational Accident Coverage: If the Owner Operator wishes not to elect available Carrier coverages and wants to use another Insurance vendor for coverage; It will be necessary for the owner operator to provide a certificate of insurance, meeting the Carriers Requirements and described in Paragraph (4) of the ICOA. All certificates shall include Progressive LLC, Suntecktts, BCB and its affiliates as an additional insured.  These certificates should be submitted to Vice President of Carrier Capacity


Owner Operator- Health Insurance Options:

Affordable / Portable Owner Operator Group Major Medical Insurance is available through IHA. To find out more about coverages the Owner Operator may call (888)-376-9811 or go online here. 

Hours of Availability:  8:00 AM to 8:00 PM Mon – FRI


Driver Requirements:

  • MINIMUM AGE – 23 Years old
  • DRIVING EXPERIENCE – Must possess at least two (2) years of verifiable tractor-trailer driving experience within the past five (5) years. Specialized Operations: Require at least 2 years verified Reefer &/or Flatbed operating experience within that past 5 years. Military Veteran Exception: Minimum 1 year of verifiable tractor-trailer driving experience with a motor carrier within the past 2 years. Must have valid DD-214 & honorable discharge. Must be approved by Suntecktts Safety Management. 

Note: Flatbed / Hotshot drivers must have a CLASS A CDL with (2) years of actual flatbed experience in the last 5 years


  • PHYSICAL QUALIFICATION – Driver must meet federal DOT medical requirements
  • DRIVING RECORD: ACCIDENTS – No more than three (3) minor preventable accidents within the preceding three (3) years. No involvement in a preventable DOT recordable accident in the past 12 months. Note: Any accident may disqualify an applicant based on the circumstances and severity.
  • DRIVING RECORD: CITATIONS – Driver may not have more than two (2) moving violations in the past three (3) years.
  • DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE – Individuals convicted of DW I, DUI, (driving under the influence of alcohol and/or a controlled substance), while operating a commercial or private motor vehicle, will be disqualified if occurrence was within the last ten (10) years. In addition, refusal to submit to an alcohol or controlled substance test, will be disqualified if occurrence was within the last ten (10) years.

DISQUALIFYING VIOLATIONS – Drivers having any of the following violations are disqualified:

  • Felony involving a motor vehicle
  • Leaving the scene of an accident
  • Manslaughter or negligent homicide involving a motor vehicle
  • Any offense that would disqualify an applicant from obtaining Hazmat endorsement or TWIC card as issued by Transportation Security Administration
  • Hit and Run



  • Equipment must be 10 years or newer, in good appearance and be DOT ready
  • Owner Operator must present evidence of the truck being DOT ready by presenting a passed DOT inspection completed within the last 60 days prior to entering into an agreement.
  • If the last DOT inspection is over 60 days; the owner operator may go to an approved company inspection facility complete a passed DOT inspection.
  • If the equipment is over 10 – years and is in excellent condition the truck may be considered by the Vice President of Carrier Capacity if the owner operator has a good PSP score, the truck is in good appearance, Truck is DOT ready, evidenced by recent passed inspection, photos of the front sides and back of the vehicle.



  • Copy of a title
  • Copy of an application for title if truck was recently purchased
  • Copy of lease if vehicle is leased
  • Copy of Vehicle Registration if they have their own plate
  • Copy of a current 2290
  • A passed DOT inspection in the last 60 days or a passed DOT inspection at an approved company inspection facility.
  • Vehicles over 10 years require 4 photos of the vehicle for review prior to being approved for orientation (Front, right side, left side and back)


Home Terminal Locations:

BCB Transport – Texas

221 AirPort Drive

Mansfield Texas 76063

Ph: 682-581-1162


BCB Transport – Pennsylvania

1220 Newville Road

Carlisle PA 17013

Ph: (682) 802-8130




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At BCB, we believe open communication between departments is crucial for the success of the entire company. In order to take good care of our fleet agents and drivers, we teach our brokerage department to target the lanes we’re best at. This strategy allows for our dispatch and trucking teams to work cohesively together instead of treating each other as competition.